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All solutions are driven by our proprietary pricing API’s. Your business can utilise our API’s to provide options, forwards, spots and other structured products to your customers.
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API Solutions

Unlock the power of our reliable FX API's by offering market-leading currency hedging solutions to your clients in real-time.

Our API’s for pricing, execution and trading empowers your company to offer FX options to your clients. We offer immediate access for your customers to currency hedging solutions through our API’s, regardless of your regulatory status.

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EZFX Broker

EZFX Broker is a hedging wizard and term sheet generator for brokers designed to allow your trading teams and product specialists to deal confidently with your clients FX exposure.

EZFX Broker offers the quickest and easiest way for your trading team to create and distribute term sheets to your clients, receiving instant approval and read receipts. EZFX assists your agent to devise optimal hedging solutions for your clients, turning any sales team member into a hedging specialist. Once the term sheet has been sent to the customer, the Assure Hedge Trading team onboards the customer and executes the trade.

How does EZFX Broker Work?

EZFX Broker is a hedging wizard and term-sheet generator for FX brokers. Check out the demo presented by our product consultant at Assure Hedge.