Five women breaking down barriers in Fintech at Assure Hedge

Pritesh Ruparel
March 8, 2022 | Hedging Insights

Five women breaking down barriers in Fintech at Assure Hedge

Our vision at Assure Hedge is ‘Hedging for Everyone’ and this extends into every aspect of what we do, especially when it comes to the diversity and representation across the business. Studies show there are less than 30% of women in Fintech, and it has a real impact when it comes to the addressing the needs of all users and improving the industry as a whole. Deloitte Global predicts the industry will reach nearly 33% overall female representation this year, which is a step in the right direction.


Addressing the issue of diversity is certainly a challenge for the industry, which is why I believe it’s important to showcase some of the talented women at Assure Hedge who help make the business what it is today.

Sabah Mahmood, Sales Manager

Sabah has spent the last 7 years building her career in financial services and joined Assure Hedge in August 2020 to lead the sales team. She was attracted to the industry in the first place because of the fast pace and ever-changing environment it promised. Sabah has always believed that you should be the change you want to see – it’s why she’s never been intimidated when it comes to working in such a male dominated world.


And it’s not just her day job where she’s breaking boundaries. Sabah is a keen footballer and has helped other women get into football having started a women’s team in her local community. She even managed to get Assure Hedge to sponsor the team when she led her smashed a target of integrating Salesforce in Q1 in under four weeks. It’s the first sponsorship deal for both the team and Assure Hedge.


One of the things Sabah really loves about working at Assure hedge is being heard, she explains, “I feel like I have a voice at Assure Hedge. You feel like you’re being listened to and you can be yourself. In this business everyone can influence and make change.”

Robyn Ingram, Client Onboarding Executive

Robyn joined the business two years ago as an Office Manager and KYC Officer. She was initially interested in Assure Hedge because she’s always had an interest in technology and how it can be used to make people’s lives better.


One of the things Robyn loves most about working at Assure Hedge is being able to learn as she goes. She feels completely supported by the business and is moving completely away from office admin to client onboarding where she’ll be responsible for giving clients the best possible start at Assure Hedge.


Robyn is incredibly proud of her achievements at Assure Hedge and as the mother of three girls she says, “I want my girls to see if they really want something to go for it. I want to be an example to them so they know it’s possible to juggle a career you love with motherhood. It’s totally worth it”

Amy O’Prey, Financial Controller

Amy’s love of Fintech goes back to her days at Queens University where she was a part of Innovateher, an organisation for women in business finance and tech. She learned early on that women have a valuable place within male dominated industries.


She’s a qualified chartered accountant and first worked with Assure Hedge whilst working for Grant Thornton. Initially impressed by the product offering of Assure Hedge, Amy quickly realised after working with them for a few weeks it was the people that really made the difference. As soon as there was an opportunity, she jumped at the chance to join.


Amy has the following advice for women interested in forging a career in Fintech, “Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back. Know your worth and surround yourself with others who know your worth. Remember that Fintech needs women.”

Diana Harut, Head of Digital

Diana joined Assure Hedge as Head of Digital in the marketing team in April 2021 and has always had a keen interest in Fintech. She appreciates how the industry is constantly changing and innovating to make lives easier and in some cases fun for everyone. She believes it’s an industry where you can see the impact first-hand from education and inclusion to how people work and their impact on the environment.


Diana loves working for a company where growth is encouraged, and you can see how the work you do supports other teams within the business. She feels she’s given the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them so she can continually get better and produce the best work.


When asked what she would say to a woman who is interested in a career in Fintech, Diana says, “Just go for it. Have an open mind and patience to take it all in. Grow your network in the industry and stay connected – this is the best way to learn and grow in the industry.”

Kristin Morgan, Head of Content

Kristin is the newest member of the team having joined the marketing team as Head of Content in September. She’s worked for a number of financial services clients over the years and was excited to join a fast-paced Fintech environment.


She loves a challenge and feels like she’s learning something new every single day. The support of the team and knowing she’s making an impact on the business is really import to her and she is looking forward to making her mark in the years to come.


One of the things she loves most about working at Assure Hedge is the people and the culture, Kristin goes on to say, “From day one I felt like I had worked for the business for years. They really listened to and took on board what I had to say about content. It felt as though the experience I’ve built over the years is valued and I’m encouraged to share my opinions with the team.”

Building the ideal firm

Statistically speaking, businesses that are more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors and 70% more likely to capture new markets – it also makes for a better culture.


When I was asked to join Assure Hedge I was tasked with building ‘the ideal firm’. I am genuinely passionate about building a diverse team, inclusive of women, but also background. I am building a world class business with people from all backgrounds.  We’re bashing down barriers to hedging and barriers to careers!


Assure Hedge is growing year on year and we’re always looking to find the best talent to join the team. If you have an insatiable appetite for curiosity and have a passion for getting stuck in and making your mark, get in touch because I want to hear from you. Send your CV to

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Pritesh Ruparel
Chief Executive Officer at Assure Hedge