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Every investment is subject to risk. As contemporary markets continue to develop, so does the need for caution and effective risk management. That is where hedging comes into the picture.


To help you navigate the complexities of hedging, we have set up a series of fortnightly live conversations with experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and visionaries on the matter.

Setting the record straight on High Frequency Trading w/ Robert Smith

Setting the record straight on High Frequency Trading

w/ Robert Smith



August 11, 2021

08:30 UK | 09:30 CET | 15:30 SGT




Many people got the impression that high frequency traders are all about market arbitrage and profiteering. Robert Smith was here to give the other side of the story.




The guest for this episode was Robert Smith, former CTO of GETCO (now Virtu Financial) and CEO at Applied Financial Technology.


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