The Currency Market in Brief

June 9, 2021 | 09:30 CET | Online Zoom Event

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The Currency Market in Brief


The guest for our first show is Paul Plewman, Chief Operating Officer at Currency Transfer, the Global Payments Network. Paul also puts out a daily market brief where FxPlew delivers a summary of current affairs and market news while riding on his Airwheel – quite a feat!


We’ll be discussing the basics of the currency market: the size of the market, factors that drive supply and demand, the key economic data to watch for their effect on exchange rates, the role of speculators and more…


Hosted by Barry McCarthy, CEO of Assure Hedge.


  • How big is the FX market and how does it compare in size with other markets, for say equities or bonds?
  • Currencies are in constant flux. What determines these movements?
  • If we unpick the demand side first, what are the key economic data that affect FX movements?
  • People are speculating that inflation is likely to rise over the coming months and years. Is that right? What effect will that have on FX rates?
  • Who are the currency speculators and what role do they play? Do they make the market more efficient or distort it?
  • What advice do you give exporting and importing SMEs when it comes to navigating FX markets?
  • Where do you film FxPlew’s Market Brief?
  • How can people find The Market Brief?


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