Introducing: Assure Hedge’s three newest team members

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January 7, 2022 | Hedging Insights

Introducing: Assure Hedge's three newest team members

We’re growing!


Hot off the heels of our best year ever, we’ve hired three more superstar team members to help us achieve the ambitious goals we’ve set ourselves for 2022.


Please join us in welcoming…


…drum roll…


.. Vishal Bhardwaj, Daniel Dyl and Rob Wensak to Assure Hedge.

Rob Wensak

An industry heavyweight, Rob cut his teeth as a senior forex dealer at Thomas Cook and Travelex, before taking the helm of Western Union’s treasury department, where he spent almost a decade.


The more astute among you will also realise he’s recently guested on our Talking Hedge podcast, where we discussed the importance of helping clients choose the hedging options that are best for them (and, err… where we may or may not have very subtly popped the question).


At Assure Hedge, Rob will be using his vast experience to help us build out our treasury function.


I’m a big believer in empowering people,’ he says. ‘For the average client, hedging is difficult to navigate, and sometimes decisions about which product is best for you can feel like they’ve almost been taken out of your hands


From that perspective, Assure Hedge’s products are impressive… I couldn’t be more excited to be contributing in some small way to making hedging simpler and more accessible for everyone.’

Vishal Bhardwaj

Vishal is a rock star when it comes to improving client and partner experiences. He earned his stripes at Moneycorp and brings loads of energy and enthusiasm to Assure Hedge.


It’s no wonder he’s got so much star quality – Vishal has a passion for music and spends his spare time rubbing shoulders with artists and musicians in the recording studio in his capacity as a freelance sound engineer.


At Assure Hedge, Vishal will help our partners make the most of our products and smash their targets – music to our ears for sure.


I felt at home right from the get go,’ he says, ‘the team at Assure Hedge is obsessed with providing an excellent partner and client experience. So much so that on my first day Prit said, “We want to make sure our partners have the best experience at Assure Hedge – if you think there’s anything we can do better you need to tell me, we’ll make it happen.”


So I’m here to make sure partners have every thing they need and have fun working with us.’

Daniel Dyl

When it comes to understanding where human behaviour meets hedging, Daniel’s your man – his anthropology degree gives him a boost when it comes to analysing human behaviour around risk management.


But that’s not all, Daniel has a master’s degree in international risk management and spent the last 5 years fine-tuning his skills with Ebury and most recently at Moneycorp, where he was one of their big hitting existing book dealers.


We know Daniel will make a big impact at Assure Hedge – helping us grow and expand with new partners.


Exchange rate fluctuations can affect you in all sorts of unexpected ways. They could be the reason the price of your daily coffee has gone up, or the reason a company no longer makes your favourite product. And if you’re a business, a move one way or the other could be the difference between staying profitable and making a loss.


That means everyone stands to lose if they don’t hedge their risk. For me it’s about understanding the blockers that stop people from hedging and what conditioned them to think in a certain way about risk.’

Welcome aboard!

Pritesh Ruparel, Chief Executive Officer at Assure Hedge, says, ‘The last 6 months has been an incredible start to my time at Assure Hedge. It’s been transformational  and I can hardly believe the progress we’ve made in such a short time – I’m extremely proud of what the team has achieved! To make sure we keep up the momentum, we’ve hired some seriously talented people so our partners and their clients continue to get the highest levels of service.


I’m chuffed to have Rob, Daniel and Vishal onboard. I’m confident each of them will play an important role in helping us build a world class fintech. Here’s to achieving great things together in the years ahead at Assure Hedge!’

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