Looking back on 2021: Assure Hedge’s year in review

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December 21, 2021 | Hedging Insights

Looking back on 2021: Assure Hedge's year in review

2021 is the year we started in lockdown, and might end in the same way.


The year we collectively brushed up on the Greek alphabet even though most of us wouldn’t travel within a 50 mile radius of Greece (thanks, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Oh-mi-cron).


But it’s also been a year of hope, of exciting technological developments, and, for Assure Hedge, a year we can look back on with immense satisfaction.


It’s been a challenging 12 months for everyone, which makes us even prouder of what we’ve accomplished. So, as 2021 draws to a close, we hope you’ll indulge us as we give you a whistle-stop tour of our year’s highlights.

Hiya, Prit!

If we had to sum up our 2021 in one word, it would undoubtedly be ‘growth’.


Over the past 12 months, we worked hard on developing exciting new products, helped old and many new customers manage their currency risk more effectively, and grew our team by 16 people.


And one of our key hires was none other than industry titan Pritesh Ruparel, who joined us as chief commercial officer in July.


In a career spanning over a decade, Prit has built a reputation as a savvy trader, relationship-builder, and innovator. So he was just the person we needed to help us fulfil our mission to make hedging easy and accessible for all.


And, barely six months in, he has already proven what an asset he is several times over, helping us expand our network, contributing invaluable practical insights to our development team, and taking point when we launched our latest product, X Hedge, in front of a packed audience. He’s brought a fresh perspective to the business and has helped us get the most out of the great team at Assure Hedge. They’ve been kicking a** these last 5 months and that same energy will make the year ahead supercharged!


For now, suffice it to say that we couldn’t be more chuffed to have you on board, Prit. Here’s to many more — hopefully lockdown-less (err… lockdown-free?) — years of success.

Talking Hedge

If, at the start of 2021, you’d told us we’d be sitting down for a natter with the likes of RailsBank founder Nigel Verdon, CEO of Currency Cloud Michael Laven, and Saxo Bank’s Thomas Otendal, we wouldn’t have believed you.


But that’s exactly what we did throughout 2021.


It all started as a way for us to quiz much finer brains than ours about all things hedging and the future of finance. But the initial episodes were so well-received that we’ve turned these live conversations into a regular monthly series we’ve christened Talking Hedge.


We’re now approaching our ninth episode, and we think we’ve created a treasure trove of insights on the markets and the future of finance.


But don’t take our word for it.


You can watch the latest episodes on our website or catch up with everything on Spotify.


Hit us up on Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know what you think!

Assure Hedge goes to Money 20/20 in Amsterdam

For an all too brief interlude between April and October, it looked like we were through the worst of the pandemic and tip-toeing our way towards some semblance of ‘normal’.


So, in September, we said goodbye to our lockdown hair, donned our best suits, and jetted off to Amsterdam for two days of learning, networking… and an important milestone.


After getting cancelled in 2020 because of Covid-19, Money 20/20 was everything we hoped it would be and more.


We reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and attended extremely interesting sessions on digital transformation, the evolution of crypto, and the future of finance.


But the absolute highlight of the event was getting to launch X Hedge — a product we hope will make currency hedging simpler, more straightforward, and more accessible than ever before.

Launching X Hedge and Open Hedge

X Hedge and Open Hedge have been a labour of love for some time, so launching it was probably the proudest moment of our year.  I’d like to offer the team my heartfelt thanks for making this happen – it’s down their hard work and dedication that we’ve been able to get them to market. And the fact that it has been so well-received has made the long days and sleepless nights all worth it.


With X Hedge and Open Hedge people can minimise their FX Price risk in innovative ways.


They can be offered a simple, affordable, and effective way to deal with currency hedging at the moment that makes the most sense: when they’re at their accountant’s office, for instance, or talking to their relocation agent about their imminent move to a new country.


Both come with a wide range of options in 35 different currencies which you can access right out of the box.


You can also white-label it, so it looks and feels as if you’ve built it yourself.


But, most importantly, it really works. In the words of Yoption$‘s managing director Simon Turner:


“X Hedge not only enables us to mitigate our clients’ risks, but to do so with great, intuitive user experience and market-beating rates, way better than any bank or competitor.


Want to find out how it can help you add more value to your customers and build a healthy new revenue stream while you’re at it?


Let’s show you how X Hedge works.

So long, 2021. Hello 2022

2021 may have been a rollercoaster of uncertainty, but it’s also been one for the books in all sorts of positive ways. So seeing it go is somewhat bittersweet.


But with that being said, we’re already pumped for what 2022 will bring.


So that’s a wrap, 2021.


So long.




Here’s to a healthier, more productive, and hopefully far less uncertain 2022.

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