Our Company

Assure Hedge is the World’s leading platform provider of modern, digitally delivered OTC (over the counter) hedging products and solutions. We are innovating, modernising and reinventing a US$1 Trillion per day antiquated and broken marketplace for some of the essential financial risk management products that everyday businesses need to help them manage their currency risk exposure.

About Us

Assure Hedge is an innovative, award-winning and regulated FX hedging technology company. With offices in Dublin, London and Portugal, Assure Hedge is a financially (MiFID) regulated company using the latest technology to simplify FX currency hedging, specialising in FX options, forwards, spot and other regulated hedging instruments.

Our Leadership Team

The Assure Hedge team is based across our three offices in Dublin, Ireland (HQ) 🇮🇪, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and in Coimbra, Portugal 🇵🇹. With a wide array of experience in the team across Forex Markets, Technology and Marketing, the team is building groundbreaking technology that is revolutionising the currency hedging market through our core partnerships.

Contact Us

Contact us via emails, calls or on LinkedIn. It can be queries, partnerships, further information or simply a ‘Hi’. We would love to get in touch with you.