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Assure Hedge – Dublin Office

The Assure Hedge team is based across our three offices in Dublin, Ireland (HQ), London and in Coimbra, Portugal. With a wide array of experience in the team across Forex Markets, Technology and Marketing, the team is building groundbreaking technology that is revolutionising the currency hedging market through our core partnerships.

Graham Carrick


Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

Graham was the Co-Founder of the UK’s leading pools betting platform RunLastMan with over 125k player accounts with betting regulation in Ireland and the UK. Graham is a Former Senior Analyst in Accenture with a Master’s Degree in Management, Smurfit Business School. Graham has been the Chief Operating Officer at Assure Hedge since June 2018.

Barry McCarthy


Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

15 years as a successful financial markets trader: FX, Stocks, Commodities and Derivatives. Dublin, London, Gibraltar, Chicago and Singapore. Algorithmic trading systems designer. Additionally, Barry created the first Diploma in Financial Trading in Ireland. Barry is the founder and CEO of Assure Hedge.

Martin Duffy


Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

Martin is an internationally renowned technologist with extensive experience in the design, implementation, and governance of large-scale IT Architecture, AI and Big data, security controls, business strategies and frameworks across global organizations. As the Chief Technology Officer based between our Dublin and Portugal offices, Martin manages the full technology stack and leads the technology team.

Paul Cran


Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

Paul is a Chartered Accountant and was a director of a merchant bank in Dublin before taking up the role in 1993 as CFO and Deputy Chief Executive of the Maxol Group. He also served on the board of the Irish Management Institute. Since his retirement from the Maxol Group, he has acted as a corporate advisor to a small group of clients before joining Assure Hedge in May 2018 as our CFO.

Richard Hayes

Chairman & Investor

Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

Chairman of Global Shares PLC and The Prusik Asia Funds and a director of Findlay Park Funds PLC, Richard was formerly chairman of EFT Group Ltd, which was acquired by Koch Industries and formally the chairman of BHSL Ltd. He was the founder and CEO for seventeen years of IFG Group PLC until 2006.

Ben Robinson

Board Member & Investor

Based 🇨🇭 | From 🇬🇧

Ben has been a co-founder of Aperture Hub, and also a Marketing Practice Head at Swiss-based consulting firm Pangea. Previous to Pangea, Ben worked at Temenos for over 11 years, lately as an ex-Chief Strategy Officer and a mentor and guest lecturer. Ben joined the Board of Directors at Assure Hedge in Q3 2019.

Robert Smith

Board Member & Investor

Based 🇬🇧 | From 🇺🇸

Robert Smith was the CTO of GETCO and managed a team of 70 technologists, building a multi-asset, globally distributed trading platform, enabling GETCO to become, at one point, the highest volume trading firm in the world. He was the former Head of Europe for Knight Capital Group.

Iain Duncan

Head of Trading

Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇪

Iain joined Assure Hedge in August 2018 after 10 years as a Financial Markets Trader and is the Head of Trading based from our Dublin office. Iain has extensive experience across all asset classes, risk management and trading operations. Iain was also a co-founder of Dublin proprietary trading firm Myriad Trading.

Prateek Chauhan

Developer / Data Scientist

Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇳

A Computer Science Engineer with several years’ experience working in the Financial Services, Manufacturing and Professional Services sector as a technology executive. Prateek holds a Masters in Data Science and Management from Griffith College Dublin. Based in our Dublin office, Prateek is instrumental as our core Developer / Data Scientist.


Parth Parekh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Based 🇮🇪 | From 🇮🇳

Parth holds a Bachelors degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a Masters degree in Marketing. He is passionate about brands and enjoys volunteering to help marketing in local NGOs and NPOs. Parth loves to work on new products and drives all things digital at Assure Hedge from the Dublin HQ. He joined us as an intern and now multi-tasks as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Kevin Murray

Account Manager | EMEA Partnerships

Based 🇬🇧 | From 🇮🇪

Kevin was a co-founder and Commercial Director of Evopass. Kevin gained experience in technology consulting and Business Development with Deloitte and Clear Strategy Consulting and is responsible for the account management UK based customers. He holds a Bachelors degree in Management Science and Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin. 

Manuel Nunes

Senior Software Engineer

Arnaldo Moura

Senior Software Engineer

Based 🇵🇹 | From 🇵🇹

Based in our Coimbra development office in Portugal, Arnaldo is the Senior Software Engineer at Assure Hedge. Additionally, Arnaldo is the Co-Founder and Software Engineer at Grama based in the Nest Collective.

Paulo Duarte

Software Developer

Based 🇵🇹 | From 🇵🇹

With a Degree in Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra, Paulo spent 4.5 years at WIT Software as software and senior software engineer before moving to Assure Hedge in Oct 2019. Based in the Portugal office, Paulo is a key member of the development team.

Rafael Maia

Senior Software Engineer

Based 🇵🇹 | From 🇵🇹

Rafael is an experienced Solutions Architect, Project Manager and cloud computing enthusiast. As the Senior Software Engineer at Assure Hedge from our Portugal office, Rafael drives the development of new products we are building such as EZFX Broker and X-Hedge.

Rafaela Ferro

Product Designer

Based 🇵🇹 | From 🇵🇹

Rafaela has vast experience dealing with various types of people, gained from broad experience in volunteer projects and across her multiple design projects since graduating from her Graphics and Multimedia degree from Coimbra University. Rafaela is the key Product and UX Designer for Assure Hedge and operates from our Portugal office.


Tiago Roldao

Lead Front-end Developer

Based 🇮🇹 | From 🇵🇹

Tiago describes himself as an ever-curious designer and developer who enjoys a good challenge, a good project, and a good team. As the Lead Front-end Developer at Assure Hedge, Tiago explores user interaction, creating simple but engaging experiences online.