FX Brokers

We enable your FX brokerage to offer structured and unstructured hedging products to your clients regardless of your regulatory status, powered by our technology and made accessible through our MiFID regulation.


Assure Hedge will provide your FX brokerage, and your clients, with access to all the benefits of currency hedging instruments.

FX Brokers FCA Value Addition

Currency Hedging Solutions for FX Brokers

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Assure Hedge enables FX brokers and their customers to instantly price, structure and execute hedging strategies primarily through FX options. Several other instruments including spot trades, forwards and structured products are also available. These include participating forwards, collars, leverage forwards and MiFID forwards along with fully bespoke structures tailored as per your requirements.

The Assure Hedge Promise



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    Fully regulated MiFID Trading Desk
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    Institutional grade technology


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    Modular product offerings of FX spot, forwards, and options
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    Digital self-directed solution providing greater hedging flexibility


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    Integrates directly with wholesale OTC FX markets
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    Transparent and low-cost pricing


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    EZFX Broker offers multiple hedging structures with live market rates
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    Full range of APIs to price and execute FX options and other structures
FX Brokers Barriers

We Understand the Barriers You Face

As a deliverable currency broker, you face huge, often insurmountable challenges when looking to provide currency hedging instruments to your clients.


  • MiFID regulation for forex options is a lengthy and expensive process
  • Sourcing a counterparty that is willing to offer option trading lines is increasingly difficult
  • Large capital requirements
  • Significantly enhanced KYC and due diligence