Our Solutions

We have developed a scalable FX hedging front-end (EZFX Broker) that automates the selling of currency hedging tools by your brokers, offering them the ability to easily price up an array of solutions to send to your customers through our term sheet generator.


All solutions are driven by our proprietary pricing API’s. Your business can utilise our API’s to provide options, forwards and spot to your customers.

X Hedge

X Hedge is a currency hedging platform where you can access currency forwards, options, and spot in 30+ currencies, and distribute them under your own brand to your clients via a self-service client portal.

API Solutions

We have developed a full range of currency hedging API integrations, which will empower your business to immediately offer a range of self-service currency hedging solutions to your customers. Specially developed for businesses that offer Forex Solutions such as banks, brokers, payment providers and platforms.

EZFX Broker

EZFX Broker produces bespoke and editable term sheets which are created in minutes while still on the phone to clients, catering exactly to their up to date needs with live market prices. It can cover your compliance requirements and reduce the instances of mis-selling through digital confirmation. EZFX Broker also enables your FX brokers with the power to control precise profit margins in real-time.