EZFX Broker

EZFX Broker is a unique value proposition for brokers and banks who wish to form a well-presented and responsive structured hedging solution to a client in a matter of minutes. From pre-set profit margins to real-time scenario payoff tables, EZFX Broker will relieve FX brokers and banks from the current time-consuming process.

EZFX Broker, Options, Forwards and Spot all under One Roof

EZFX Broker offers the quickest and easiest way for your trading team to create and distribute term sheets to your clients, receiving instant approval and read receipts via the platform.

EZFX Broker guides your agent to devise the optimal hedging solution for your clients. This turns any sales team member into a hedging specialist.



  • Fully free to use for FX Brokers
  • Zero integration fees to get started


  • Use Assure Hedge’s MiFID Regulation.
  • Offer options to all your European clients


  • Revenue Share: We split the net profits
  • Competitive Rates for Options, Forwards and Spot
How EZFX Broker Benefits Your Brokerage? 

How EZFX Broker Benefits Your Brokerage? 

  1. Drastically reduces the time taken between the first call and the trade being placed with term sheets created in minutes while you’re still on the phone to your client.
  2. Bespoke term sheets are generated in real-time, catering exactly for the client’s up to date needs with live market prices.
  3. Multiple solutions are added to the one term sheet with an “Accept the Solution” button built-in that confirms the customer’s interest.
  4. Mis-selling is a major problem in brokerages. EZFX reduces instances of mis-selling through our unique digital confirmation process.
  5. Tailor the rates your brokers offer to your clients and manage the products your broker can offer…