Ideal for any business seeking to add new currency solutions to its offering: currency brokers, relocation agents, accountants, passion investment brokers, talent agencies, international sports events organisers, etc.


X Hedge lets you immediately generate new, margin-rich revenue streams, by enabling you to offer your customers easy digital access to a full suite of currency solutions, including regulated currency hedging products, in 30+ currencies.


The cloud-based end-to-end platform looks and feels like your own, right off the shelf, and takes care of everything regulatory and technical so that you can focus on growing your business more profitably.


Onboarding is fast and easy, and as soon as the platform is delivered to you under your own brand and colours, you can start onboarding your customers offering them new products via the digital customer portal. As your new revenue stream grows, you’ll be able to view your product sales and commissions in real-time.

X Hedge Screen

What is X Hedge?

X Hedge is a currency solutions platform where you can access currency forwards, options, and spot in 30+ currencies, and distribute them under your own brand to your customers via a self-service customer portal. X Hedge handles everything regulatory and technical for you, letting you focus on growing your business. It offers game-changing features like its automated proposal generator, granular pricing capability, and real-time insights and reporting.


X Hedge’s services are also available via API if you prefer to combine currency hedging services into your existing business platform and user-interfaces.



Reinforce your product offering

  • Access currency spots, forwards, and even options in most of the world's currencies, all on a single platform that's available 24 hours a day.

Bolster your brand name

  • Distribute these products, configure the partner and customer portals, and handle all customer interactions under your own brand, look and feel.

Grow your business with peace of mind

  • X Hedge handles all regulatory requirements, provides segregated customer accounts, and offers learning resources for your teams, so that you can grow your business safely and cost-effectively.

Grow your business more profitably

  • Make your currency solutions business efficiently, thanks to automated term sheet generation, granular pricing, real-time insights, reporting and oversight, and much more.

Increase value for existing and new customers

  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones by offering easy access to a suite of currency products via a simple user-friendly portal where they can view the range of solutions at their disposal, request proposals with a single click, use their multi-currency account, and much more.

Instant ROI

  • Immediately access a new, margin-rich revenue stream! X Hedge is a cloud-based, easily configurable, out-of-the-box platform that will be ready to run under your brand and colours in a very short time.

Also available via API

  • Combine currency solutions into your existing business platform or user-interfaces, should you prefer this approach.

High Risk Investment Notice

Trading in leveraged financial instruments such as Options or other financial derivatives, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.  Investors who make use of these financial products run the risk of substantial capital losses which may exceed your initial deposit. Assure Hedge (UK) Limited makes no claim or warranty regarding either the appropriateness or suitability of these instruments for your purposes whether commercial or otherwise. Assure Hedge (UK) Limited may provide general commentary or educational material available on its website or otherwise, which is not intended as investment advice. You should carefully consider your financial situation and needs and seek independent advice from a duly authorised financial adviser. Assure Hedge (UK) Limited assumes no liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions; does not warrant the accuracy, completeness of information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials. You should read and understand Assure Hedge (UK) Limited’s Terms and Conditions prior to taking any further action.