Taking things to the next level: Assure Hedge’s three, highly-experienced new hires

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December 8, 2022 | Hedging Insights

Taking things to the next level: Assure Hedge's three, highly-experienced new hires

Oops… we did it again. 


In what has become somewhat of a regular occurrence, the Assure Hedge team has grown once more. 


And what a fantastic hiring spree it’s been!


With almost half a century of combined experience between them, our three new team members not only bring enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to the table, but also a deep well of expertise we’re sure will be invaluable as we embark on the next leg of our journey to make hedging accessible to everyone. 


Please join us in welcoming James Renton, Helen Pearce, and Rafael Sardenberg Arce.

James Renton

Having spent most of his career in an investment banking group’s mergers and acquisitions department, James is used to being at the heart of businesses’ growth. 


But while he’s always enjoyed his role as a trusted advisor, he has secretly yearned to get his hands dirty. Or, as he puts it — and far more elegantly than us, may we add — to ‘play an active role in implementing changes… rather than advise from the sidelines.


So, when he got the opportunity to join Assure Hedge as a fintech strategist, he didn’t have to think twice. 


Assure Hedge is fast-paced, dynamic, and operates in an interesting niche within a huge global market,’ he says. ‘Who wouldn’t want to be part of that journey?… And it’s great that I get to develop my own skill set, with the full support of a knowledgeable team.


Since joining Assure Hedge, James has been working closely with our CEO Prit to develop our growth strategy, and help make sure we achieve it. And, in just over four months, he’s proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the team — hard-working, level-headed, insightful, and always open to others’ ideas. 


Just the man we needed as we look to expand our capabilities and reach new markets.

Helen Pearce

Helen‘s CV is a financial services industry who’s who. 


Over the past two decades, she’s lent her considerable skills to some of the biggest companies on the planet, including Visa, American Express, and FM Global. So we can’t understate just how lucky we are to have her on board.


Since joining us in September, Helen has been overseeing our human resources operations, making sure we continue being a great place to work and, more importantly, that all our team members feel valued and supported. 


And her passion for the job clearly shines through. 


I strongly believe you can only succeed as a business if you set your people up for success,‘ she says. ‘So I’m delighted to have this opportunity to shape human resources policies and processes in ways that positively impact the culture.’

Rafael Sardenberg Arce

A native of Brazil, Rafa can get around most IT issues with the same fluid grace of Gabriel Jesus making short work of the opposing team’s defence.


Wth 18 years’ experience — including stints as onsite engineer with a multinational telecommunications company and as infrastructure consultant with a large healthcare provider — it’s safe to say that what he doesn’t know about keeping IT systems running smoothly probably isn’t worth knowing. 


At Assure Hedge, Rafa is in charge of making sure our tech stack runs smoothly and helping colleagues and clients when they have difficulties. 


I’m having a blast working at Assure Hedge,‘ he says. ‘We work hard, but we have fun too, and I’m very much looking forward to helping the company become bigger and better over the coming years.’

An organisation is only as strong as its people

At Assure Hedge, we like to set ourselves some very ambitious targets,’ says our CEO Prit. ‘But that only goes so far. To reach your goals, you need to surround yourself with good people. 


‘We’ve been able to hire some incredibly talented individuals, and I can’t wait to work with them all as we move forward with our mission to make hedging as easy as buying an insurance policy.’


James, Helen, Rafael… Here’s to long, satisfying careers at Assure Hedge and to doing great things together.

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