FX Brokers in Europe

We enable your forex brokerage to offer structured and unstructured hedging products to your clients regardless of your regulations; powered by our technology. 


Currency Hedging Solutions for Forex Brokers

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Assure Hedge has developed a proprietary trading platform. We enable your brokerage’s customers to instantly price, structure and execute forex hedging strategies primarily through FX options. Several other instruments; spot trades, forwards and structured products such as participating forwards, collars and MiFID forwards are also available along with fully bespoke structures.

The Assure Hedge Promise



  • Fully regulated & capitalised API.
  • Institutional-grade regulated technology.


  • Rapid customer onboarding (if required).
  • Agile compliance tools.


  • Range of settlement choices.
  • Integrate directly to wholesale OTC FX markets.


  • Infrastructure for FX hedging and payments.
  • Modular solution empowering innovation.
We Understand the Barriers You Face

We Understand the Barriers You Face

As a deliverable currency broker, you face huge, often insurmountable, challenges when looking to provide currency hedging instruments to your clients.
Here are some of your challenges:

  • Regulation for forex options is a lengthy and expensive process.
  • MiFID regulation requires strict adherence to rigorous practices. Falling foul of the evolving regulatory landscape puts your broker business at huge risk.